…from my experience abroad

After being away for  a while, from the known and safe environment I inhabited; there are some things that will stay with me. Some I knew, but did not actually know – if that makes sense. It has been… interesting; painful, surprising, challenging, enriching… Overall, this experience has been many things. I share some of the things I have learned and/or am more aware of, as a consequence of it.

  • Times goes by, and it does not come back… Make sure the way you decide to spend it does not come with a baggage of regret.
  • Things are not what they seem, and they can be misleading.
  • Which leads me to – words are words, in the sense of that actions give meaning to words.
  • But… words are powerful carriers of emotions. And I am tired of people who go around throwing their words without regard.
  • Family – either blood or the one you have made for yourself – is more important than one will ever know. Seriously. Despite the superficial (and annoying) differences sometimes, they are the ones who almost always are there to support you. And when the time comes, one realizes that is a pretty big deal.
  • True friends reveal themselves. This usually happens when time and distance are involved.
  • Take care of the people that love you. Take good care of them.
  • … And as a personal note: one gets tired of trying with people. Be sure to know where your boundaries  stand, and when to draw the line when it comes to who you invest your emotions and energy in.

This time is almost over and I could not do as much as I wanted; I could not do as much as I could have done. I do regret this, but all I have left is to make the most of the time that is left.

Time has gone by, slow and fast at the same time. I cannot blame it for my mistakes. I only wish a Superior power would guide me through the closing of this stage and beyond. I can only hope.



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